How to voteEdit

1. Choose which attitude and point you'll be giving. Type:

{{Support}} if you want to give a positive vote or {{Oppose}} for a negative 

2. Then post the reason why next to your plus or minus choice. Limits cap at 500 words.

3. A request needs a +6 modifier to win, but it will be lost/closed at -3. Adminstrators can put a modifier amount at the start of their vote, making it bigger than +1 or -1. This is before the {{Support/Oppose}}

Neutral VotesEdit

Neutral votes do not do anything and are the comments (bottom of page)

Nominated VictimEdit

Wackyy (Pending +0)Edit

Support Support vote - I am the founder. I am also cool. Wackyy TalkContribs

OpposeOppose vote - I shouldn't be voting myself. Wackyy TalkContribs