Lithium's Purpose:

Makes volcanic ash clouds explode on a high scale. Extremely lethal.




Gas/Plasma/Liquid (Gas 70% Plasma 15% Liquid 15%)


73 to about 78

Lithium... One of the most explosive elemental atoms is here, name, Lithium. It probably got it's name from the word and tag "Lethal", but probably wanted to blend in with the other Iums, Such as Sodium, which is Lithium's partner, which stays inside the volcano, Beryllium, which is right after Lithium in fact. Lithium is one of the most crazy elements known to man, and is unknown why it is so lethal.

It's main habitat is also in volcanic ash dirt. If the Lithium wasn't in the Ash, then ash would be fine to eat, pick up, stomp on and all the other things you can do with ash when not hot. This partly brings us onto another page.


Ash is the output of an active volcano ...(Read more)